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Turlington & Co set out with a mission to bring together a group of local film-makers, writers, and actors, to create the debut film to start this new production company. The brain-child of NYC x Glasgow based creator Sam Turlington. 

We were put in contact with Odhran Thomas, who subsequently wrote a piece that celebrated and included everything our team was hoping for. 

  • The exploration of mundane joy in a slice of life view

  • The celebration of LGBTQIA+ safety and contentment 

As we move into post-production, we are excited to continue to expand our team and build a more permanent community that we can support in future projects.


Writer, Cecile Durel, takes the audience on a journey into the Lourve, as a discussion between three very famous paintings of women unfolds the night before a big unveiling. 



Writer, George Prové, explores the odd expectations of dinner parties and how existential thoughts can turn seemingly normal conversation into a surreal journey through time and space. 

Project parameters included using only a phone to film, and creating the piece from beginning to end in about a month. This pressured our team to be creative with imaginary and how we could use contract and location changes to tell a story.  

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Climate Change Theatre Action 2019 is an event that took place around the world to coincide with the 2019 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP25) in an attempt to raise awareness about climate change, climate justice, and other environmental crises. The playwrights were from all across the globe and the plays were performed in 28 different countries.

The ASU event was held at the ASU Biodesign institute where actors and directors from the ASU Acting Concentration, as well as faculty, put on a three-play series. Throughout this event, scientists from the Biodesign Institute gave brief lectures about their work and future goals to share their research with broader audiences. It was a triumphant collaboration between two completely different fields.

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